The best confidence for our clients

Since its foundation Transgallego Logistics has pursued integrity, honesty, fair treatment and the compliance with the law and applicable rules. We have built our relationship with our customers under a scheme based on business ethic, confidence and loyalty through an outstanding service as part of the company culture.
We are focus on developing a strong a reliable relationship with our clients and partners.
Our long-standing commitment with values and principles is established in our code of conduct. All our employees are invited to act with fairness and responsibility while carrying their tasks. These principles are a core value within our internal policy in our daily work.

Our code reflects a principles-based approach, where rules are not stated explicitly, business decisions will be guided by our values. If we have any doubt our staff is encouraged to ask for assessment.

This means:

  • Respect and maintain our Company reputation and values.
  • Act under any scenario in accordance with our code of conduct with loyalty and honesty.
  • Prioritize company and client's well being over any other personal interest.